Insuring your Loan Car

Your Loan Car must be insured in accordance with the Loan Car agreement.

You can take out insurance on a Loan Car either with Volkswagen Insurance Service (provided by Allianz Insurance) over the phone or you can obtain a quotation elsewhere on the open market. It is the Loan Car drivers responsibility to ensure the vehicle has the correct cover (such as Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited being the registered keeper).

If a Loan car is damaged in an accident or stolen, it must be reported to the Loan Car accident helpline on 01925 403410. This is to ensure all repairs will be carried out by a Volkswagen Group Approved Repairer and the Loan Car meets the required return standards when you come to hand your vehicle back.

For more information on how to insure a Loan Car, please read the Important information and the Frequently asked questions pages.